I don’t charge extra for minor repairs, to replace / repair fire rope & other seals, to complete smoke checks, sweep extra storeys, for parking charges or for waste disposal etc. You can be rest assured that the price you pay is fixed & transparent!

Chimney Sweeping (£79)

Utilising modern, efficient and professional equipment your chimney and flue is guaranteed to be left cleaned and safe with zero mess! Depending on factors such as the age of your property, the level of soot / tar build up, and fuel used I will use either power sweeping (power brushes or rotary) or traditional manual brush methods if a more delicate, slower and considered approach is needed.

Camera Inspection & Survey (from £149)

A service frequently chosen as a ‘benchmarking’ exercise prior to solid fuel installations in older properties, and for those who have moved into properties with existing fires/stoves who wish to have a full, detailed & comprehensive assessment of their installation. Furthermore, they’re ideal if there are concerns about damage caused by nests, vermin, birds, the weather & of course chimney fires.

Every inspection & survey is exceptionally thorough and includes videos, detailed assessments, smoke evacuation checks & comprehensive written reports all underpinned by strict NACS Standards.

Nest Removal (£135)

Nests can be formed rapidly by birds in the nesting season and will cause a total blockage of your chimney & flue rendering your fire or stove out of action. Even minor blockages will cause Carbon Monoxide to form, and smoke to kickback into the room. If left, a nest will likely increase in size and can embed itself into brickwork and flues causing significant damage.

Every service includes as standard:

  • 4K UHD Camera Check
  • Fire & Stove Safety Check & Minor Repairs
  • Check of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm
  • Glass Clean
  • Smoke Safety Evacuation Check
  • NACS Approved, Genuine Insurance Compliant Sweep Certificate
  • NACS ‘Heat Your Home Safely’ booklet
  • COSHH Regulated Waste Removal

For complete peace of mind a genuine NACS approved insurance compliant certificate is always issued and guaranteed to be accepted by ALL insurance companies.

‘How important is it to have my chimney swept regularly (at least annually)?’

Not just to validate Home Insurance, it is exceptionally important for 3 main reasons:

1st – depending on frequency of use and what fuel is used, soot can build up rapidly in a chimney/flue presenting a significant fire risk. It is mainly due to this fire risk that most Home Insurance policies now require chimneys & flues to be swept at least annually when in use.

2nd – soot forms sulphuric acid when combined with water moisture in the air with a pH of about 0.5 which is 10,000,000 more acidic than tap water. This acid can not only cause severe damage to flue pipes, brickwork and stoves and it is highly-flammable. 

3rd – a clean chimney/flue simply works better; it burns fuel more efficiently & cleaner so better for the environment, your fire will also burn hotter, and of course you won’t have to worry as much about fire or Carbon Monoxide (CO) risk. For more information, check out the NACS Chimney Safety Advice page or the FAQ’s page.

‘How much does the sweeping of a chimney cost in the UK?’

Survey results from 2022 show the typical standard professional chimney sweep in the UK is £75 although in London it is between £110 & £130. There are regional variations, too:

South West – £75 to £125 / North West – £70 to £85 / North East – £70 to £80 / Central & South Midlands – £70 to £90 / S.E & London – £110 to £130

A great resource with more information & detail can be found here:

Standard Services

  • Open Fire / Large Open Fire / Jetmaster / Inglenook Fireplace
  • Stoves (wood or multi-fuel burner) – flexi liner / pre-cast flue / unlined chimney
  • Cooker – Aga or similar
  • Boiler (flue only)
  • Gas fires

Specialist Services & Contracting

  • Camera (4K UHD) Chimney Inspection, Strength and Integrity Check with Full Detailed Report (inc. videos and commentary)
  • Birds Nest removal (seasonal)
  • Stove clean & service
  • CO Alarm
  • Health & Safety advice and guidance
  • Stove installation advice
  • Contract & Commissioning - National Trust / English Heritage / Historic England / Historic Houses Association
  • Specialist Insurance & Arbitration Projects


amandeep dhaliwal
amandeep dhaliwal
Great service and really helped with advice for my family to re instate a disused chimney. Swept, clean and tidy. On time and good value. Totally recommended!!
Jakub Building Services
Jakub Building Services
Excellent contractor services. Taking care of a chimney sweeps and camera inspections for a portfolio of propeties and clients. Always reliable and good value for money. Many thanks as always.
Good value for money, came on time on short notice for an open fire sweep and camera inspection. Paul was helpful and knowledgeable and left everything tidy and clean. Thanks, see you next year!
Tineke Gibbs
Tineke Gibbs
Super service as recommended, many thanks indeed
Parisa Nazer
Parisa Nazer
Brill service, at short notice to sort out a birdsnest in an old chimney. thanks so much Captain Sweep!
Murat Atak
Murat Atak
Super responsive came on time and did great job . Thanks , see you next year .
Vera Miranda
Vera Miranda
Really excellent service all round. On time, professional, knowledgeable. No problem handling a large Inglenook and wood burner stove. Thanks so much!
Kauyna Oliveira
Kauyna Oliveira
I recently used Capital Sweep for a chimney inspection and I couldn't be more impressed with their service. The inspection was thorough and detailed, and Paul was able to identify potential issues before they became major problems. Thank you for a job well done!
Alex Dee
Alex Dee
Very good value for money for cleaning my wood burning stove and super polite professional and handsome! Would 100% reccomend
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Yasmine B
Good service. Good price. Totally clean. Will recommend.